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I need to get a list of all tables that are published for replication from MS-SQL databases. Is there a system stored procedure or a query I could run to generate such a list?

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FROM sys.tables
WHERE is_replicated = 1

From MSDN for is_replicated field:

1 = Table is published using snapshot replication or transactional replication.

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It's possible to query the distribution database to see what articles (tables) are published and within which Publication they are in.

     P.[publication]   AS [Publication Name]
    ,A.[publisher_db]  AS [Database Name]
    ,A.[article]       AS [Article Name]
    ,A.[source_owner]  AS [Schema]
    ,A.[source_object] AS [Table]
    [distribution].[dbo].[MSarticles] AS A
    INNER JOIN [distribution].[dbo].[MSpublications] AS P
        ON (A.[publication_id] = P.[publication_id])
    P.[publication], A.[article];

I've only tested this on SQL 2012 so the feature may not be available in prior versions.

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Works on SQL Server 2008 –  Michael Oct 3 '14 at 19:02

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