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I've got two hard disks in my computer, and have installed Solaris 10u8 on the first and Opensolaris 2010.3 (dev onnv_134) on the second. Both systems uses ZFS and were independently created with a zpool name of 'rpool'.

While running Solaris 10u8 on the first disk, how do I mount the second ZFS hard disk (at /dev/dsk/c1d1s0) on an arbitrary mount point (like /a) for diagnostics?

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If you have upgraded your OpenSolaris zpool to a newer version, for example to take advantage of deduplication, you won't be able to do it.

If there is no version issue, you can use that command:

zpool import -f -R /a 3347820847789110672 oldrpool

Replace 3347820847789110672 (pool id) by the one displayed with "zpool import" with no other options.

If you need to mount the pool for diagnostic purposes, better to boot on a CD that contains the latest OpenSolaris distribution.

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