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I am trying to download a file from amazon using

scp -r /Users/myname/Desktop

It asks for a pass but I use a PEM to connect

Is this possible or am I stuck with FTP?

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Assuming you are having an Aws Ec2 linux instance.

To connect using pem file.

scp -i yours.pem xxxxxxx@awsec2ip:/path/to/file


yours.pem - your PEM key file

xxxxxxx - is the username you log in with

awsec2ip - is the IP or DNS alias of the instance

/path/to/file - is the location where the file is stored

This will copy the file into the current folder on the local machine.

A details on Download/Save files from EC2

Another option could be through SFTP. You can find the details how to SFTP using your pem file here

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scp -i /path/to/pem/file /Users/myname/Desktop

This command should work for tar.gz file.But if you want copy a directory recursively you will have to use additional switch -r.

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