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I'm fixing few stuff on this website

The first slide has a button to scroll down. While hovering it is supposing to bounce on a vertical axes.

It is working totally fine on firefox but on other browsers such as Chrome, Opera, safari and IE the button is moving to the left.

here the html :

<div class="container" id="welcome-inner-box">
    <div class="scroll-down-arrow"><div>SCROLL DOWN</div><img alt="scroll-down-canvas" src="<?php echo $this->basePath(); ?>/img/scrolldown_icon.png"></div>

here the javascript :

    $(this).effect("bounce", { times: 4 }, 1000);
    $('.scroll-down-arrow a').css('color', '#fff');

    $('.scroll-down-arrow a').css('color', '#999999');

here the css :

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You need to specify the direction in the argument to the bounce command


$(this).effect("bounce", { times: 4 }, 1000);


$(this).effect("bounce", { direction:'up', times: 4 }, 1000);
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I just tried it, i though it would indeed solve the problem. But it still the same. I just updated it on the hosting so you can double check. – Brieuc Aug 20 '14 at 8:57
you know i use chromium 31 on Ubuntu 13.04, it bounces just right... ditto chrome 36, operea 12 D – Makville Aug 20 '14 at 9:12
Good to know, it is a curse to have so many browsers haha – Brieuc Aug 20 '14 at 9:27
Tell me about it! – Makville Aug 20 '14 at 11:08

Without seeing the full code I can't exactly define your problem, but it seems to me that this is caused by jQuery UI, because when you hover over the element, it gains the class ui-effects-wrapper and jQuery overwrites the style attribute to add this: left : 570px;

If I am correct, then the solution would be to overwrite this class to ui-effects-wrapper or to remove the left property of your element which is 50%.

The first solution will be implemented like this:

.ui-effects-wrapper { left:50% !important; }

But this will affect any other part on your page that is using the same class, so be aware of this.

Furthermore if you reproduce your problem in a fiddle we can specify the problem with better analysis.

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Thank you, i though about that but as you said it would affect any other part with .ui-effects-wrapper. I found that the solution was to apply the effect on the children element – Brieuc Aug 20 '14 at 9:40
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I just found a solution. I apply the effect on the children element and i wrapped the img in a div (if not the img will also go left).

    $(this).children().effect("bounce", { direction:'up', times: 4 }, 1000); 

<div class="scroll-down-arrow">
    <div>SCROLL DOWN</div>
        <img alt="scroll-down-canvas" src="<?php echo $this->basePath(); ?>/img/scrolldown_icon.png">
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