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What are my options for logging if I'm developing a static library?

My library is:

  • Written in C
  • Thread safe -> might be used in multi-threaded environment
  • Should be "performance oriented" since it used as transport layer

The options that I have:

  1. Using OutputDebugString() - I really don't like it. First it using global lock & buffer so all callers are synchornized and might mask concurrent issues. Second it might impact performance. Last, everyone can open DebugView and see my logs.
  2. Write to file - I don't like it either. Basically due to the same issue as above.
  3. Using ETW framework - I've tried to use it. It seems to fit more for DLL/EXE since I need to know the absolute path where the executable is installed in order to trace the events. It doesn't fit the static library scenario since I'm not aware of it.

Any other suggestions?

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How about providing a callback that the app can assign a handler to if it wants to enable logging? That way, the app can then decide what type of logging to implement. –  Remy Lebeau Aug 20 at 15:31
@RemyLebeau you are absolutely right. I never thought about it, but it is a most simple and right solution. My library is just a tool for the application, so the application should decide how it will output my logs. –  Pupsik Oct 12 at 12:06

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