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I need to copy file admin.zip from C:\wamp\www\jdhemumbai060714\webfiles (Windows) to /var/www/html/ (Linux). I am using following command::

scp C:\wamp\www\jdhemumbai060714\webfiles\admin.zip username@hostname:/var/www/html/

But it does not work and gives error::

ssh: Could not resolve hostname C: Temporary failure in name resolution

I am logged in Linux server using SSH

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Well firstly is your DNS server able to resolve the HOSTNAME your copying too? My Advice would be to use IP Address.

scp C:\wamp\www\jdhemumbai060714\webfiles\admin.zip username@
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I think that it is bug in SCP port. Only way is skip "C:" and use only "\wamp\www\jdhemumbai060714\webfiles\admin.zip" It will work if current directory is on the same disk like file for upload. Or you can use pscp.exe

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