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I've read it on several places: "you may be able to but you shouldn't", well I want it ;).

So here is a simplified version of the

structure I would like to have:

<ScrollView> // This one should be scrollable (one finger scroll)
    <LinearLayout> // This one has a custom adapter creating multiple Carriers (ultimately as RelativeLayout containing some buttons and a listview)
        <ListView></ListView> // These have custom adapters creating a scrollable (I'm thinking of 2 finger scroll') Table of OrderLines

I want to keep the benefits of a listview (re-usage of convertview).

Right now every ListView is a RelativeLayout which isn't scrollable making the list very long and unfortunately too slow.

The amount of carriers we will see on the screen should be max 6, so I don't think this needs to be a ListView.

NOTE: XYZ's answer in this question is not excactly what I want, for the amount of orderlines can be bigger than the screen.

If there isn't a good fix/hack, I will eventually build it custom made and share as answer :)

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