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I'm getting a handle to a window like this:

HWND Handle = CreateWindowEx(0, NULL, NULL,
                             CW_USEDEFAULT, CW_USEDEFAULT,
                             300, 200, 0, 0,
                             NULL, 0);

Then I use it as an input parameter to a function which should gave the result to the window from that handle. But the function gave me error code which means "Bad argument".

When I debug the program and look at the value of Handle, it shows me that it has an "undefined value". Does anyone know what is the problem with this code?

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No class name? No window name? –  Marius Bancila Aug 20 at 10:11
Marius hands are faster than me. You have invalid class name. –  Xearinox Aug 20 at 10:12
I use it normally in class, i wanted to ask short so i gave only this part. What do you mean about window name? MSDNA doc says that class name and window name are optional. –  Krzysiek Nowakowski Aug 20 at 10:13
Its time for working example. Also for class name read stackoverflow.com/questions/20615438/… –  Xearinox Aug 20 at 10:19
undefined value? It should be NULL because of lpClassName == NULL, shouldn't it? Have you debugged with Debug mode, not Release mode? –  ikh Aug 20 at 12:22

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