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What i am trying to do is create a dictionary in python 3.4 that will have one key named pass. Right now when I try to do this I only get an "invalid syntax".

login_data = dict(email=USERNAME, lsd=LSD, login=LOGIN ,pass=PASSWORD)

I am new to python thanks in advance

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You can't. pass is a python keyword and as such it's not a valid identifier.

You can append a trailing underscore to make it into a valid identifier and use pass_ (this is the usual convention in such situations), or you can use a completely different name instead.

Note that pass is not a valid identifier, but you can use it as a string. In your case you can build the dictionary using the dictionary literal:

login_data = {'email': USERNAME, 'lsd': LSD, 'login': LOGIN, 'pass': PASSWORD}
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