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I have an object list being loded from a database to a drop down list. The Model loads the data to the Controller. The aspx view includes an ascx view. The ascx view already inherits data from another Project. I cannot set my List object in the ascx page. Can this be done?


        string List = dr["example"].ToString().Trim();
        int indicator = dr["ex"].ToString().Trim();
        LossCauseList.Add(new LossCauses(indicator, List));


        LossCauses test = new LossCauses();
        TempData["Select"] = test.LossCauseList;
        return View(myData);

Partial View

        <select id="SelectedProperty">
           <% List<string> selectProperty = new List<string>();
           selectProperty = TempData["Select"] as List<string>;
           foreach(var item in selectProperty) { %>
                <option><%=item.ToString() %></option>
           <% } %>

Partial view's List should be an actual LossCauses object. HELP!!!

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Change the partial view to

List<LossCauses> selectProperty = TempData["Select"] as List<LossCauses>;
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