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I'm exceptionally new to assembly. I only picked it up yesterday and I've looked through many examples and still can't figure out for myself how to write to the console. I always get an error when I seem to replicate it in my own way.

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The easiest way is to use the C functions. In its simplest use, printf() takes a string as a parameter and writes it on the standard output.

This code should work:

format PE console
entry start

include ''

section '.text' code executable
        push hello
        call [printf]
        pop ecx

        push 0
        call [ExitProcess]

section '.rdata' data readable
        hello db 'Hello world!', 10, 0

section '.idata' data readable import
        library kernel32, 'kernel32.dll', \
                msvcrt,   'msvcrt.dll'
        import kernel32, ExitProcess, 'ExitProcess'
        import msvcrt, printf, 'printf'
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Use WriteConsole.

include ''

        invoke  AllocConsole
        invoke  WriteConsole,<invoke GetStdHandle,STD_OUTPUT_HANDLE>,tex,12,dummy,0
        invoke  Sleep,-1
.end start

tex     TCHAR   'Hello World!'
dummy   rd      1  
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If you want to be able to use pipe redirection of your output, you can use WriteFile in a similar manner. – Jens Björnhager Sep 21 '12 at 15:41

It seems you're essentially trying to write a hello world program. Have a look at the answers to this question and compare with your code. This should get you further.

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