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Made this animation and it works super fast on Webkit browsers and mobile, but not on firefox. Wondering if there might be something specific about firefox or jquery which is making it slow to change slides.

/* hover function */

  function changeSlide(slideNo){
    $('.motion-container img:eq('+slideNo+')').addClass('slide-active');

    $slideNo = $(this).attr('no-data');


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maybe firefox doesnt like your php'ish variables? :P put a console.log at the beginning of your hover function and check if it's really the mouseover function that's slow. btw: your link is hardly buggy for me in chrome as well.. –  gulty Aug 20 at 14:54
Also make sure you properly declare local variables (well, global ones too) with var. Add "use strict"; as the very first line of "motion.js" and the browser will yell at you appropriately when you've forgotten to declare variables. –  Pointy Aug 20 at 14:56
mouseover fires continuously, how about trying mouseenter instead –  adeneo Aug 20 at 14:59
Thanks, will try those comments, thanks –  benbyford Aug 26 at 18:19

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