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In Lucene, using a Standard Analyzer, I want to make fields with spaces and special characters(underscore,!,@,#,....) searchable.

I set IndexField to NOT_ANALYZED_NO_NORMS and Field.Store.YES

When I look at my index in LUKE, the fields are as I expected, a value such as:

'SKU Number', yet when I search for 'SKU' or 'SKU*' nothing comes up.

What am I missing?

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Searching for 'SKU' won't work because you indexed with NOT_ANALYZED; 'SKU Number' is the entire indexed term. If you want words split by whitespace, that's what ANALYZED is for.

Now doing a prefix search, 'SKU*', would work except by default the lucene QueryParser lowercases expanded terms. Set lowercaseExpandedTerms on the parser to False.

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Field.Store.YES does not influence the search behaviour on this field. And I'd set IndexField to simply NOT_ANALYZED.

Try to perform search in Luke on full field text 'SKU Number' using KeywordAnalyzer analyzer.

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