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I'm doing a talk on the Entity Framework at a local user group next week. I'll be mentioning my own experience with the Entity Framework and I'd like to include other real world experience with the EF.

My questions:

  1. Have you shipped a product that uses the Entity Framework? If so, what industry/market?

  2. If you haven't used the Entity Framework, is there a particular reason why? Would you consider the EF 4.0?

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Tried it (not EF 4.0) and found that there were many little niggly issues - rather than removing work for me, it seemed to be adding complexity. We tried LINQ to SQL instead and found it to be more lightweight and a lot simpler in general.

(Haven't looked at EF 4.0, but I think that it irons out a lot of the little issues that I found annoying).

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