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the below code I used for posting image to twitter but nothing happened, really post text its to easy , but posting image no , I searched but there was no correct result :


include ("OAuth.php");
include ("twitteroauth.php");
include ("tmhOAuth.php");
include ("tmhUtilities.php");

$tmhOAuth = new tmhOAuth(array(
  'user_secret'     => 'KSDJFKLSDJFR93490E90RI90WEIR90EIEIF9DIF',

    $image = 'image.jpg';

    $code = $tmhOAuth->request( 'POST','https://upload.twitter.com/1/statuses/update_with_media.json',
            'media[]' => "@{$image};type=image/jpg;filename={$image}",
            'status'   => 'message text written here',
        true, // use auth
        true  // multipart

    if ($code == 200){
    return tmhUtilities;


Kindly inform me if there any error , please guys I need it , thanks for any help

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Are you getting an error? You need to provide more information. –  Sean Keane Aug 20 at 18:45
no just blank page and nothing –  ROR Aug 20 at 18:47
var_dump the code var you are getting back –  Sean Keane Aug 20 at 18:48
how to use var_dump just like print ? –  ROR Aug 20 at 18:49
the result was : bool(false) . –  ROR Aug 20 at 18:51

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Your request object is setup wrong use this as an example to fix it.

$params = array(
'media[]' => "@{$_FILES['image']['tmp_name']};type={$_FILES['image']['type']};filename={$_FILES['image']['name']}",
'status'  => $_POST['status']

 $code = $tmhOAuth->user_request(array(
'method' => 'POST',
'url' => $tmhOAuth->url("1.1/statuses/update_with_media"),
'params' => $params,
'multipart' => true
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can you send to me all code please ? –  ROR Aug 20 at 19:05
That is all the code, your issue is around the user_request object. Just rework your code, and fix it. –  Sean Keane Aug 20 at 21:06

update_with_media works by appending the URL of the image to the end of a Tweet. On Twitter, the image at the URL is displayed. Since URLs on Twitter are 22 characters (for HTTP) or 23 characters (for HTTPS), your status cannot be over 140-22 or 140-23 characters. Make your status less than 117 characters and try again.

If that doesn't work, then it might be a problem with the library. I recommend using CodeBird.

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