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I have this string in I would appreciate if you can let me know how I can enclose the values in double quotes

dim str as string=""
str.Append("EmpID=" & empNo & " DeptID=" & deptID & "")

I want the value of string to be EmiID="10" DeptID="20"

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Use double double quotes to get a single double quote in the string

str.Append("EmpID=""" & empNo & """ DeptID=""" & deptID & """")
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A single double quote you mean, right? ;-) – Prutswonder Mar 29 '10 at 21:06
@Prutswonder, correct updated – JaredPar Mar 29 '10 at 21:10

Just use double double quotes like:

dim str as string=""
str.Append("EmpID=""" & empNo & """ DeptID=""" & deptID & """")
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Use ControlChars.Quote

dim str as string=""
str.Append("EmpID=" & cControlChars.Quote & empNo & ControlChars.Quote  & " DeptID=" & ControlChars.Quote  & deptID  & ControlChars.Quote)
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ControlChars.Quote is nice to use :)

dim metatransferString as string = ""

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I know it is a pretty old question. But I used it this way

str.Append(String.Format("EmpID={0}{1}{0} DeptID={0}{2}{0}", Chr(34), empNo, deptID))

If empNo = 10 DeptID = 20, it would give EmpId="10" DeptID="20"

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