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In Area VIPUsers I have controller ProfileController and other controllers.

If I want every method in ProfileController to have parameter (id) and every method in other controllers to have parameter (userid and id) how would I map it?

Would it be

  new {controller="ManageUsers", id=""}

and then map a default one for all the controllers?

  new {action="Index", userId="", id = ""}

and...that's it? I see it's working but then it's weird...

If I go to a page on ProfileController and give it two parameters after {action} (VIPUsers/Profile/SomeAction/4/4/), it'd use the second mapped route. Is that correct?


and if I want the url to always require a UserId, how do I specify that?

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The behavior you are seeing is correct. You will want to implement some route constraints to further narrow things down:


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