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Is there any way to list files from a folder?

Something like:

select * from pg_ls_dir('/home/christian')

I tried pg_ls_dir but, per documentation:

Only files within the database cluster directory and the log_directory can be accessed. Use a relative path for files in the cluster directory, and a path matching the log_directory configuration setting for log files. Use of these functions is restricted to superusers.

I need to list files from a folder outside the postgres directories, similar to how it's done with COPY.

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it should work as in your example, however, the postgres user usually doesn't have the rights to do so. –  MrTux Aug 20 at 19:55
postres user has the rights to do it. I can use "COPY" command to bulk any file inside that folder. As I saw in postgres' source code, there are restrictions in that function to not allow list anything outside postgres tree folders. –  Christian Aug 20 at 20:52
@Christian: I suggest to edit the additional important information into the question. People tend to downvote / close questions without any explanation. –  Erwin Brandstetter Aug 20 at 21:54
@Christian: Hoping my update improved the questiion. –  Erwin Brandstetter Aug 20 at 23:10

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It's normally not useful for a SQL client.

Anyway should you need to implement it, that's a typical use case for a script language like plperlu. Example:

CREATE FUNCTION nosecurity_ls(text) RETURNS setof text AS $$
  opendir(my $d, $_[0]) or die $!;
  while (my $f=readdir($d)) {
  return undef; 
$$ language plperlu;

That's equivalent to the pg_ls_dir(text) function mentioned in System Administration Functions except for the restrictions.

  => select * from nosecurity_ls('/var/lib/postgresql/9.1/main') as ls;
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OK... I suspected I should create a function using a language that let me do it... thanks for your time. –  Christian Aug 21 at 14:41

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