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im trying to make the carousel image clickable, by adding a href it works but completely messes up the carousel. I.E. it skips over one image then then spins until nothing.

My aim will be to add a pop upbox like this one - http://coolcarousels.frebsite.nl/c/68/[2] so im not adversed to adding a text box if it makes it easier.

This is the current site i am working on. http://www.rickymilling.com/indexTEST.html If you watch the spin through the images start off center before hitting a jump and then become central again.

Any advice on how to fix it, or a way to add a text box appearing over the image which is clickable would be great. Cheers

div id="wrapper" >
    <div id="carousel" >

    <img src="Media/Images/Media/WeProduce.png" alt="building1" width="747" height="420" />
    <a href="http://www.google.com">"<img src="Media/Images/Media/SlowClub.jpg" alt="building1" width="747" height="420" /> </a>
    <img src="Media/Images/Media/ZeroT.jpg" alt="building1" width="747" height="420" /> 
    <img src="Media/Images/Media/Aug.png" alt="building1" width="747" height="420" /> 
    <img src="Media/Images/Media/TwoDosas.jpg" alt="building1" width="747" height="420" /> 
    <img src="Media/Images/Media/50Kisses.jpg" alt="building1" width="747" height="420" /> 
    <img src="Media/Images/Media/IAAF.jpg" alt="building1" width="747" height="420" /> 

    <a href="#" id="prev" title="Show previous"> </a> <a href="#" id="next" title="Show next"> </a>
    <div id="pager" ></div>
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Which jQuery carousel library are you using? Usually you can't add things like <a> tags to the middle of them because of the way the javascritp is bound to it and it's styled. You might have an easier time just adding an onclick= to your image and bidning it to a JS function that does what you want. –  siva.k Aug 20 '14 at 20:23

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