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I'm trying to add a custom page to my web application for the times I'm performing maintenance.

I'm trying to test the referred page on my development environment but always appear the Symfony page. I had already created a module with a proper action and template and also configured those on the settings.yml file.

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Have you tried this: "Website Temporarily Unavailable" error page

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Hi there! I've tried your suggestion and it worked! I've created a page called unavailable.php and placed it under the project_name/config/ directory. However, I'm having some troubles with the page enconding; characters like 'ã' are not appearing in thr proper way. Can anyone give me some help? Thanks in advance, Best regards! –  Rui Gonçalves Apr 10 '10 at 18:21

In your app's settings.yml set these:

    module_disabled_module: security   # To be called when a user requests 
    module_disabled_action: disabled  # A module disabled in the module.yml

In the module's module.yml set this:

  enabled:     false

This will disable the your module for prod environment, but it will still be available for dev and test environments.

Hope it helps. Regards, Radu.

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