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import webbrowser
import os
from random import randint

next = input("Good day sir: ")

if(next == "Dog play music"):
    i = 1;
    while(i != 0):

    music = ['So_Far.mp3', 'Love_Game.mp3', 'Asshole.mp3', 'Baby.mp3', 'Bad_Guy.mp3',
    'Beautiful_Pain.mp3', 'Berzerk.mp3', 'Brainless.mp3', 'Desperation.mp3',   'Evil_Twin.mp3', 'Ground_Hog_Day.mp3',
    'Legacy.mp3', 'Rap_God.mp3', 'Rhyme_Or_Reason.mp3', 'So_Much_Better.mp3']
    i = len(music)
    a = randint(0,i)
    song = music[ a ]


I am trying to loop through songs when there done go to the next one without repeating a song. Thank you guys so much for your help and support!!!

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i ==0 is never true so you never exit the loop – Jay Aug 20 '14 at 22:58

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I would just use the random.shuffle method from the random library, instead of tweaking out the logic yourself to make sure you avoid duplicates.

import random  
music = ['So_Far.mp3', 'Love_Game.mp3', 'Asshole.mp3', 'Baby.mp3', 'Bad_Guy.mp3','Beautiful_Pain.mp3', 'Berzerk.mp3', 'Brainless.mp3', 'Desperation.mp3',   'Evil_Twin.mp3', 'Ground_Hog_Day.mp3', 'Legacy.mp3', 'Rap_God.mp3', 'Rhyme_Or_Reason.mp3', 'So_Much_Better.mp3']

You can use random.shuffle to randomize the order of the list


See... random

>>> music
['Legacy.mp3', 'Love_Game.mp3', 'Beautiful_Pain.mp3', 'Asshole.mp3', 'So_Far.mp3', 'Evil_Twin.mp3', 'Brainless.mp3', 'So_Much_Better.mp3', 'Rhyme_Or_Reason.mp3', 'Bad_Guy.mp3', 'Baby.mp3', 'Desperation.mp3', 'Berzerk.mp3', 'Ground_Hog_Day.mp3', 'Rap_God.mp3']

Now just loop over the shuffled list and play your music.

for song in music:
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Thank you ! ! ! – Lee Strong Aug 20 '14 at 23:07
If there are no repeats in the original list, there will not be after shuffle. All that method does is rearrange the order. The line for song in music will loop over the shuffled list, and play each song in shuffled order. Again there can be no repeats this way if the original list had no repeats. – CoryKramer Aug 20 '14 at 23:08
"Doe shuffle not repeat something?" It's a shuffle. When you shuffle a deck of cards, are any cards repeated? – kindall Aug 20 '14 at 23:08

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