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my bower.json includes a dependency on

"angular-ui-router": ">=0.2.10"

which in turn has:

dependencies: {
    angular: '>= 1.0.8'

when I run bower install -V I get a block of text stating that

Unable to find a suitable version for angular, please choose one:

and one of the options says:

4) angular#>= 1.0.8 which resolved to 1.2.22 and is required by angular-ui-router#0.2.10

I can't understand why would angular#>= 1.0.8 be resolved to 1.2.22 when the recent version of the angular package (per bower info angular) is 1.3.0-build.3082+sha.a603e20 ?

I am guessing this is because all the versions after 1.2.22 have a -something after the patch part of the version. I understand that those are considered pre-releases but the README.md for node-semver says:

>=1.2.3 Greater than or equal to. Note that prerelease versions are NOT equal to their "normal" equivalents, so 1.2.3-beta will not satisfy this range, but 2.3.0-beta will.

so, is this a bug in bower? in node-semver? in node-semver docs? or in my understanding of things?

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