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my tables


In controller:

public function manage() {
  $companys = $this->companymodel->get();
  $companydata = array();
  foreach ($companys as $key => $company) {
    $companydata[$key] = $company;
    $Projects = $this->projectmodel->get($company->company_id);
    $companydata[$key]->projects = $Projects;
  $data = array(
      'content' => 'project/manage',
      'companydata' => $companydata,

In View:

<div class="box-content">
  <table class="table table-striped table-bordered bootstrap-datatable datatable">
  <?php foreach( $companydata as $company){ ?>
    <h3><?php echo $company->company_name;  ?></h3>
    <?php foreach($company->projects as $project) { ?>
      <li><?php echo $project->name;  ?></li>
    <?php } ?>
  <?php } ?>

i need to display in view related projects to the related company:

  • company1
    • project1
    • project2
    • project3
  • company2
    • project1
    • project2
    • project3
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Please be more precise on the problem that you encounter. What did you try so far? –  pyStarter Aug 21 '14 at 8:01
@pyStarter you can check my errors in this link it comes with following errors..it doesn't shows the related projects to the related company but it comes with all projects. the line no: 50 error is $Projects = $this->projectmodel->get($company->company_id); which is in the above controller. –  Adittya Aug 22 '14 at 5:58

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