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So the initial problem I'm having is that wanting to use headers and their libs like module.h and init.d and pci.h for instance can't be used by simply going #include <pci.h> because if you check the actual pci.h file you will find that its allot shorter then the usual pci.h (40 lines or so) so needless to say you can't use all the functions. So now I have to use makefiles to point to other directories.

I've been trying to create makefiles but at the moment the errors just rack up so much that I really don't know what part of the process is at fault. Is it the C or the headers or the wrong libraries? I'm kind of clueless to where the libraries might even be.

Could someone please help me write a makefile for Linux headers and their libraries that is not in the usual /usr/include directory? The source files that I want to use will be in usr/src/linux-headers- Also if they are in the makefile how will I include them in the source?

I've been learning a lot of things in parallel and I think the curve is starting to get to me. :/

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It's probably as easy as adding usr/src/linux-headers- as an inclusion directory, e.g. using the -I option for GCC. –  Biffen Aug 21 at 8:17
Or something not 12 years old: gcc.gnu.org/onlinedocs/gcc-4.9.1/gcc/Directory-Options.html (Although -I doesn't seem to have changed.) –  Biffen Aug 21 at 8:48
@Biffen hahaha! How can I see where the libraries are stored though? –  BaddaBoompshhh Aug 21 at 8:57
@BaddaBoompshhh What do you mean by ‘libraries’? Header files, .so files, .a files? –  Biffen Aug 21 at 10:35

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