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Actually i am using rabbit mq server and mosquitto mqtt client for the connection but after sometime server is disconnecting from the client and the error in not traceable.

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That is not a question, it's more of a statement –  hardillb Aug 21 at 8:40

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You should check the rabbitmq log (and log configuration) and also test with different keep alive values.

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can you tell me what is "UL" in 1000UL in mqtt. yes you are right according to keep alive values mqtt connection is responding but how much value can we set for continuing the connection so that there will be no disconnection. –  Gaurav Sharma Aug 22 at 5:05
UL is and Unsigned Long in C++ not MQTT. Keep Alive time frame is used for the Client to know that if that period has passed without any message exchange will send a PINGREQ to the Broker and if the Client doesn't obtains the PINGRESP, then will try to reconnect. –  Teixi Aug 22 at 15:27

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