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is there a way to check the value of lvalue variables without using the print command when debugging the code step by step, what I'm looking to do is the following:

If I have the following code:

> x = 5;
  y = 6;

when I'm debugging the code and I use next, I want gdb to display the value of x, that is the variable that changed in that instruction, I know I can watch the variable, but what I'm looking for is to be able to check variables on the fly without using print

is this possible?

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You can use the display command:

(gdb) help display
Print value of expression EXP each time the program stops.

For instance if you display both you will get:

(gdb) next
4       y=6;
2: y = 0
1: x = 5
5       return 0;
2: y = 6
1: x = 5
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