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What is a good .gitignore to use with Rails on Heroku?


what else?

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This is pretty similar to: Rails: exclude anything from version control? Here is my answer from that.

DHH just posted on Twitter that there will be a default .gitignore in Rails 3, which includes:


This is usually what I exclude. Some people also like to exclude the database.yml file if it's going on a public repo and you don't want to expose your database passwords.

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Awesome, glad to see a bunch of my favorite frameworks in there! – jocull Oct 17 '11 at 20:45

Keep in mind that Heroku's slug compiler has a very similar feature using a file named .slugignore. This file syntax is roughly the same as in .gitignore.

So you can continue working as usual (ie: storing PSD files, spreadsheets and other common files) but remove them at runtime on Heroku to lower the slug's size (< 20MB sounds good).

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Awesome. But the .slugignore file will remove them once they have been uploaded. So you will still end up uploading large files beforehand. – matsko Jan 29 '13 at 17:59

On Heroku, the best starting option is:

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There is a project on Github dedicated to storing accurate gitignore files for different languages, editors, etc. While the project does not currently have an entry specific to Heroku, you might still find it useful to review. The project is here and the Rails .gitignore is here.

FYI, I first found out about this project from this Stack Overflow question.

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