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With Rails, If I have a variable with HTML content, how do I output it, unencoded in my view file?

This code, for example:

<% my_variable = "<b>Some Bolded Text</b>" %>
<%= my_variable %>


&lt;b&gt;Some Bolded Text&lt;/b&gt;
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Are you using Rails 3 Beta? Rails 2 by default does not HTML escape your output, you usually have to use the h helper, see Nate's post. If you are using Rails 3 you need to either use the raw helper or set your string as html safe. Examples

<% my_variable = "<b>Some Bolded Text</b>" %>
<%= raw my_variable %>


<% my_variable = "<b>Some Bolded Text</b>".html_safe %>
<%= my_variable %>   

Check your Rails version and get back to us.

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Thanks Scott! That was it! I am using the Rails 3 Beta – deadkarma Mar 30 '10 at 2:33
the "raw" keyword worked for me in rails 4 also – emery Jan 20 at 20:40

ActionView::Helpers::TextHelper provides a method strip_tags, which instead of just escaping the tags, removes them completely.

source [reference]:

 def strip_tags(html)     
    return html if html.blank?
    if html.index("<")
      text = ""
      tokenizer =
      while token =
        node = HTML::Node.parse(nil, 0, 0, token, false)
        # result is only the content of any Text nodes
        text << node.to_s if node.class == HTML::Text  
      # strip any comments, and if they have a newline at the end (ie. line with
      # only a comment) strip that too
      text.gsub(/<!--(.*?)-->[\n]?/m, "") 
      html # already plain text

<%= strip_tags(my_variable) %>
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Thanks solo, but I'd like the HTML tags to be intact and rendered in the page – deadkarma Mar 30 '10 at 2:24

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