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Cheers! I'm using wicked_pdf to generate pdf docs from views:

pdf = WickedPdf.new.pdf_from_string(
    :layout => "pdf_report.haml",
    :handlers => [:haml],
    :formats => [:pdf, :haml],
    :orientation => 'Landscape',
    :encoding => "utf8",
    :page_width => '2000',
    :dpi => '300'

It's all ok, if pdf has one page:

enter image description here

But if pdf doc has more than one page, then width of the page is broken:

enter image description here

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I wasn't able to reproduce your "only has one page" scenario with the code you posted, however there is a problem with the options you are passing. They aren't even getting to wkhtmltopdf, so it is probably deciding for you what kind of options to use.

render_to_string will silently discard any options it doesn't understand, but is not part of wicked_pdf.

pdf_from_string takes two params, the first being the string to pdf-ify, the second is a hash of pdf options from the README.

I've added your issue to the wicked_pdf_issues project here to reproduce and debug it:


You should get the results you are looking for by changing your code to something like this:

string = render_to_string(
  template: 'pages/issue_330',
  formats: [:pdf],
  handlers: [:erb]
options = {
  orientation: 'Landscape',
  page_width: '2000',
  dpi: '300'
pdf = WickedPdf.new.pdf_from_string(string, options)
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