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I am trying to retrieve file path for a html file that is embedded in resource (resx file) in VS2008 C# project. I want to give path of this file to native webbrowser control (PIEHtml) to be able to navigate (DTM_NAVIGATE) in my application. I know I can pass the string to this control using DTM_ADDTEXTW but since html text size is so big, I dont want to pass string to the control. I need to somehow extract the file path for this html file embedded inside resource manager.

I tried using but this does not give the file path of html inside assembly:

private ResourceManager resManager = new ResourceManager("AppName.FolderName.FileName", System.Reflection.Assembly.GetExecutingAssembly());

this.lbl.Text = resManager.GetString("StringInResources"); 

and also read Retrieving Resources in Satellite Assemblies but it did not solve my problem.

Can somebody please provide info as to how to achieve this ?

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@curiousone: it's not necessary to put "c# .net" in the title, since it's already in a tag. – John Saunders Mar 30 '10 at 2:45

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Wouldn't you first have to extract the resource? Or at least load it to memory?

Try this link:

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link doesn't work – rustyx Jul 7 at 12:23

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