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I would like to be able to create a temporal spiral plot (also known as a "spiral heatmap") in Python, perhaps using Matplotlib. An example of this type of plot can be seen on this page.

In more detail, my requirement is this: I have a long (multi-year) timeseries of scientific data, for example daily measurements of temperature. By plotting in this form, I would like to see seasonal variations throughout the year (by following the data tangentially) and also variations between years (by following the data radially).

The form of the data are simple lists of (time, value) pairs (or a list of times, plus a list of values). I don't need to be able to plot the "significant events" (i.e. the red dots on the image in the page above), although it may be useful in future.

I have searched StackOverflow and Google for examples and have not been able to find code in any language. Although I would ideally like Python/Matplotlib code, other languages may be useful too.

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