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I wonder if their are a way of using cancan to define abilities depending on role for a specific resource.

For now i have something like this, but the problem is that it goes through each role the user have each time like if he has 2 times the role1 even if it's on different Stuff instances.

def initialize(user)
    @user = user ||{|name| send(name)}

 def role1
    can :manage, Stuff

How can i optimize this ?

I've thought about something like:

def initialize(user)
    @user = user ||

     can :manage, Object do |object|
       roles = @user.roles.where(resource_id:, resource_type: object.class)
       unless roles.empty?{|name| send(name)}

But it still got the problem of getting the ":manage" action to any user that have any other ability on the ressource...

So are their any way to access to the resource instance in the initialize function of cancan ?

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I've found something for avoiding the :manage using this issue

so i've added

  def current_ability
    @current_ability =, @resource)

in the application_controller.rb in the controller just before the "authorize!" call i've defined an instance variable named @resource

like so:

def create
    project = Project.find(params[:project_id])
    @resource = project
    authorize! :create_stories, project

and updated the ability.rb

 def initialize(user, resource)
    @user = user ||

    roles = @user.roles.where(resource_id:, resource_type: resource.class)
    if roles.empty?
    else{|name| send(name)}

  def role1
    can :go_and_make_coffee

so enjoy if it helps someone

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