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I want to use a regex to capture everything between " (including the " itself) The problem is this:




"text", text2, "text"
    meeeh = "Y"
    meeeh2 = "N"

with this regex, the folling is selected:

"text"    "text"
    meeeh2 = " 

The problem seems to be that the regex doesn't stop when nothing is behind the " or when there is a newline.

Any ideas?

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What about this \"(.*?)\" or (\".*?\") regex? see regex101.com/r/cA4wE0/9 –  Avinash Raj Aug 21 at 14:04
@Alovchin Why you deleted your answer? –  Avinash Raj Aug 21 at 14:22
@Alovchin a small gift for you ideone.com/cMleOV :-) –  Avinash Raj Aug 21 at 14:25

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Try this.Please have a look at the demo.


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@AvinashRaj what's wrong there? –  vks Aug 21 at 14:19
have a habbit of using pattern.match(string).groups() in python.So i need to match the whole string .Though its not needed here :) –  vks Aug 21 at 14:23

When it reaches the first " in "Y", this is what the regex does:

  • \" matches "
  • . matches Y
  • [^,] matches "
  • [^\"]* matches else meeeh2 =
  • \" matches "

Essentially you're looking for "Any character, then anything that's not a comma, then anything but double quotes until the end" between the quotes. This means at least 2 characters, but Y is only 1.

If you mean anything but quotes between quotes, use \"([^"]*)\". If you mean anything but quotes and commas, \"([^",]*)\" should do.

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