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I'm getting a strange error when trying to test my rails payment. It occurs at the first attempt of a session, but after that it works fine.

I've searched the error and some other had seen it, but I tried the solutions offered and they did not help.

Here is the error:

Stripe::InvalidRequestError in OrdersController#create/ You must supply either a card or a customer id

Here is my code:

def create
    Stripe.api_key = ENV["STRIPE_API_KEY"]
    token = params[:stripeToken]

      charge = Stripe::Charge.create(
        :amount => (@order.amount * 100).floor,
        :currency => "usd",
        :card => token
      flash[:notice] = "Thanks for buying!"
    rescue Stripe::CardError => e
      flash[:danger] = e.message

I'd appreciate any help. Thanks

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