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In ASPxGridView I have GridViewDataComboBoxColumn where in EditForm I choose value. Then I want based on this value show GridViewDataSpinEditColumn or GridViewDataDropDownEditColumn with different VisibleIndex. In GridViewDataComboBoxColumn I use:

<ClientSideEvents SelectedIndexChanged="Func"></ClientSideEvents>

where Func is:

function Func(s, e) {
    var t = s.GetSelectedItem().value;

in my gridview i have: OnCustomCallback="table_SelectedIndexChanged" which looked like:

protected void table_SelectedIndexChanged(object sender,
ASPxGridViewCustomCallbackEventArgs e)
   SelectedIndexChanged = Convert.ToInt32(e.Parameters);
   if (SelectedIndexChanged == 2)
      ((GridViewDataSpinEditColumn)table.Columns[5]).EditFormSettings.Visible = DefaultBoolean.True;
      ((GridViewDataDropDownEditColumn)table.Columns[6]).EditFormSettings.Visible = DefaultBoolean.False;
   if (SelectedIndexChanged == 3)
      ((GridViewDataSpinEditColumn)table.Columns[5]).EditFormSettings.Visible = DefaultBoolean.False;
      ((GridViewDataDropDownEditColumn)table.Columns[6]).EditFormSettings.Visible = DefaultBoolean.True;

protected void TableBind()
   IDataAccess dataAccess = DataAccessProvider.CentralDataAccess;
   this.source.ConnectionString = dataAccess.ConnectionStringToBase;
   this.source.SelectCommand = "dbo.SUB";

   this.table.DataSource = this.source;

And now when I add a new row columns 5 and 6 don't apear (what is expected) but when I choose one of value from my GridViewDataComboBoxColumn EditForm is just reloading and column 5 or 6 don't apear(EditFormSettings.Visible changes in debugging mode). What should I do to column 5 or 6 apear in EditForm after I select value? Thank in advance.

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