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wpdb class in wordpress is used for making connection to database.

is there any substitute to this class in PHP repository?

So i can access different database then the original database that have been initiate in wp-config ?

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Why do you ask twice? stackoverflow.com/questions/2542877/… –  toscho Mar 30 '10 at 5:57
i believe i'm not asking twice. it's different question for the same purpose –  justjoe Mar 30 '10 at 6:14

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As Wordpress is developped using PHP, I suppose you could use any PHP functions/classes, as long as the corresponding extension is installed on your server.

See the Database Extensions section of the manual for a list of extensions that can be used to connect to different kinds of database systems.

If you are using MySQL, I would suggest the mysqli extension -- at least if installed on your server ; it's more recent, and support more features, than the old mysql one.

PDO can be a good choice too -- and works with both MySQL and other database systems.

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