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Does the jQuery $.ajaxSetup method not respect the data field in the options hash when $.post or $.get is called?

For example, I might have this code:

$.ajaxSetup({ data: { persist: true } });

Then, to send a POST request, I would call this:

$.post("/create/something", { name: "foo" });

I was expecting the actual POST data to look like this:

  persist: true,
  name: "foo"

but the only data sent by $.post is { name: "foo" }. Is there any way to get the expected behavior? I'm using jQuery 1.4.1.

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$.ajaxSetup() sets defaults for your ajax requests. Any options you set in the request method will override these defaults, not merge them. You're actually overriding

{ persist: true }


{ name: "foo" }

This no longer appears to be the case — a ticket on the jQuery tracker suggests that this was added in a version update and jQuery now merges the objects instead of replacing the default (thanks @Quincy).

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Although this question is a year old, the merge is working now. Just comment here in case of anyone reading this. @see bugs.jquery.com/ticket/3387 –  Quincy Jul 13 '11 at 6:26
I've tried merging a post parameter in ajaxSetup with data using serializeArray but this overrides the parameter defined in axaxSetup stackoverflow.com/questions/21501224/… –  Asa Carter Feb 1 '14 at 20:45

As documentation says data option is converted to query string and appended to the URL for GET requests.

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I think the documentation is unclear here. For a POST request, data should be converted to a query string and sent via the POST body. –  Andy E Mar 30 '10 at 7:42

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