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In Rails ActiveRecord, is it possible to restore all callbacks after reset_callbacks, without having to specify them by name, from code outside the model class? In other words I would want something like this to pass:

class CallbackModel < ActiveRecord::Base
  before_save :callback_method
  def callback_method
    self.cb_flag = true

test "restore after reset" do
  cb = CallbackModel.new
  assert (cb.cb_flag) #passes
  cb = CallbackModel.new
  assert !(cb.cb_flag) # passes
  cb = CallbackModel.new
  assert (cb.cb_flag) #fails

I have seen that it is possible to add specific callbacks one at a time. I do not want my calling code to know what the callbacks are, merely that they are restored. I also know that from there is a protected method, get_callbacks. I don't want my activerecord models to know about the calling code either, so no subclassing and creating a public method that exposes the method either.

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Don't think so - reset callbacks pretty much just nukes the list of callbacks –  Frederick Cheung Aug 21 '14 at 15:03

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