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I feel like this should be really easy to do, but I'm stumped. I need a way for Javascript to determine the type of an HTML element. It has the id, but the element itself could be a div, a form field, a fieldset, etc. Can anyone tell me how to do this?

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nodeName is the attribute you are looking for. For example:

var elt = document.getElementById('foo');

*Note that nodeName returns the element name capitalized and without the tags. Which means that if you want to check and see if an element is an <div>-element you could do it as follows:

if(elt.nodeName === "DIV")

While this would not give you the expected results

if(elt.nodeName === "<div>")
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I recommend doing it like this: if(elt.nodeName.toLowerCase() === "div") { ... } This way, if for some reason it is no longer returned in uppercase letters (lowercase or mixed), you won't have to change it and this code will still work fine. –  TheCuBeMan Oct 20 '14 at 15:39

What about element.tagName?

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According to timestamps you beat me by less than 1 second! –  eyelidlessness Oct 31 '08 at 17:32
I even managed to throw in some extraneous english. Crikey! –  Brian Cline Oct 31 '08 at 17:34
From QuirksMode: My advice is not to use tagName at all. nodeName contains all functionalities of tagName, plus a few more. Therefore nodeName is always the better choice. –  bdukes Oct 31 '08 at 17:38

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