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I am into microsoft technology and getting a project which is Implementation of IAM (Novell Edirectory). Does it makes sense to move from .Net as i have experience of 4 years now on it.

Since i dont have any knowledge as to how this tech is and how it can help me, so any suggestion or advice will help.

Thanks for your advice in advance.

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Identity and Access Management as a technology space, has more to do with concepts than specific implementations.

There are business side requirements that are actually harder than the technical side requirements, in most cases. Once you have understood the business side, then the technology becomes just a detail. A large and complex detail, but not that big a deal.

The various technology stacks (Novell IDM, MS Forefront, Oracle IDM, Sun IDM, HP SI/SA, IBM Tivoli TIM/TAM, Courion, etc) are all different. Same ideas in theory, different implementations. Lots of differentiators, where some just plain do more than others, and others do less, but simply and quickly.

The more stacks you learn, the better. In each stack, you need to learn each connected system to some level of detail. The good news is that most of the information you learn about each connected system should carry over between IAM stacks.

For example, everything you learn about synchronizing users and passwords (or not) to Lotus Domino/Notes in Novell Identity Manager will be helpful in implementing Oracles connector to Domino. The more you know, the better you can do your job.

With the diversity of connected systems, there is a mountain of information to learn, and much of it is interesting.

Having said all that, your knowledge of .NET will be helpful in the MS Forefront space more directly, but will not hurt you, should you need to write code to solve problems, that the chosen IAM stack cannot handle natively.

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