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Trying to save data from form to associated tables and to individual tables with bindModel().

This is how im trying to do it:


                        'hasAndBelongsToMany' => array(
                            'Dateintervall' => array(
                                'className'              => 'Dateintervall',
                                'joinTable'              => 'campaigns_dateintervalls',
                                'foreignKey'             => 'campaign_id',
                                'associationForeignKey'  => 'dateintervall_id',
                                'unique'                 => true

        $this->Form->input('Dateintervall.start', array('required' => true,'type' => 'text'));

Last line was from the view file.

The dateintervall table should only be holding 3 values, "start" and "end" and autoincremented ID but this isnt working unless i do $this->Dateintervall->save($this->request->data['Dateintervall']);

I would like to achieve this without binding in the Dateintervall.php model file. Just by doing the bindModel call on the fly.

Just trying this out with the dateintervall and the campaign_dateintervall table for now, also have Timeinterval thats going to behave in the exact same way.

When i call $this->Campaign->save($this->request->data); i only get the campaign data saved. (saveAssociated, saveMany, saveAll doesn't work either)

Any ideas of what im doing wrong?

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