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Ran into this problem when I moved my message type objects into a different assembly. For some reason I had no problems when messages and handlers existed in the same project.

NServiceBus throws a StackoverflowException when it scans for assemblies. This is how I am configuring NServiceBus currently:

var bus = NServiceBus.Configure
            .DefiningEventsAs(t => t.Namespace != null && t.Namespace.StartsWith("Demo") && t.Namespace.EndsWith("Events"))
            .DefiningCommandsAs(t => t.Namespace != null && t.Namespace.StartsWith("Demo") && t.Namespace.EndsWith("Commands"))
            .DefiningMessagesAs(t => t.Namespace != null && t.Namespace.StartsWith("Demo") && (t.Namespace.EndsWith("Messages") || t.Namespace.EndsWith("Queries")))

It overflows in NServiceBus.Configure.GetAllowedTypes, from what I can tell it scans my 3 Presentation projects (Presentation, Presentation.Inventory, and Presentation.Inventory.Messages) just fine, then the method is run again to scan NServiceBus.Core which causes the overflow.

My project structure as it exists currently is here:

Using NServiceBus 4.6.3

I also found that structuremap's assembly scanner is throwing a stackoverflow if I allow it to scan NServiceBus.Core - perhaps this is a bug?

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I tracked the problem back to Fody.Costura specifically this issue

They suggest that assembly redirects are causing an infinite loop in different versions of assemblies not managed by Costura. NServiceBus uses Fody quite a bit so I tried removing all assembly redirects in web.config and the thing booted up just fine.

So if you are having this issue you are probably referencing 2 different versions of some assembly, you should fix that before removing all redirects.

For me the problem was both Raven.Client.Lightweight and Raven.Abstractions

I am thinking that NServiceBus probably weaves these assemblies into it's DLL and I am also using them from nuget

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PSA - keep your redirects clean! – Charles Aug 22 '14 at 13:49
For me it happened in my Test project for NServicebus. I removed the whole <runtime> node in App.config and I worked. Thanks! – Rubanov Mar 24 '15 at 13:51
For me this only occurred when in Release mode. – Brian Vallelunga Nov 13 '15 at 18:31

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