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I want the "default printer name" on the client's computer to print the Crystal ReportViewer Content

My Code :

            printDocument = new System.Drawing.Printing.PrintDocument();
            int nCopy = printDocument.PrinterSettings.Copies;                
            int sPage = printDocument.PrinterSettings.FromPage;
            int ePage = printDocument.PrinterSettings.ToPage;
            string PrinterName = printDocument.PrinterSettings.PrinterName;
            rpt = (ReportDocument)Session["Report"];
            rpt.PrintOptions.PrinterName = PrinterName;
            rpt.PrintToPrinter(nCopy, false, sPage, ePage);

It is working fine locally but when I host the Application in IIS, that printer name it is taking default 'Microsoft XPS Document Writer' .

thanks in advance.

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I think it is getting the web server's default printer. Technically a web application cannot detect client's printers, users selects it.

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