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Can someone give me a example about how to define a new type of struct in a class in C++.Thanks.

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Note also that the same technique of the most upvoted answer can be used to define a class inside a class, a struct inside a struct, and a class inside a struct. class and struct are only different for the default visibility of their members (private and public, respectively). –  Daniel Daranas Mar 30 '10 at 9:00
...and their default inheritance type (private and public, respectively). –  Christian Rau Jun 7 '13 at 11:03

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Something like this:

class Class {
    // visibility will default to private unless you specify it
    struct Struct {
        //specify members here;
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declare class & nested struct probably in some header file

class C {
    // struct will be private without `public:` keyword
    struct S {
        // members will be public without `private:` keyword
        int sa;
        void func();
    void func(S s);

if you want to separate the implementation/definition, maybe in some CPP file

void C::func(S s) {
    // implementation here
void C::S::func() { // <= note that you need the `full path` to the function
    // implementation here

if you want to inline the implementation, other answers will do fine.

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Something like:

class Tree {

 stuct node {
   int data;
   node *llink;
   node *rlink;

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i am trying to do similar kind of thing(creating) huffman tree. I have doubt that how will you create the object of node and how you will made it accesible in main function ? –  user3206225 Feb 12 at 0:42

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