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I followed the answer to this question http://stackoverflow.com/questions/1245364/securing-elmah-in-asp-net-website to restrict access to the elmah handler. However, it seems that adding an RSS feed to Outlook for the URL elmah.axd/rss or elmah.axd/digestrss bypasses the authentication. What's the point of securing the handler if someone can guess the RSS URL and subscribe to a feed of the error log?

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Have you solved this yet? If not, please post the URL Path to the file you want to secure (you don't have to give the complete public URL - I just need the relative path) and we'll go from there. It should be relatively easy to secure... –  Richard May 6 '10 at 8:37

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I secure mine in the web.config with a role:

<location path="elmah.axd">
            <allow roles="SUPER_DUPER_ADMIN"/> 
            <deny users="*"/> 
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