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I'm written small code to connect to remote server using Perl but observing error messages

#!/usr/bin/perl -w

use Net::Telnet;

$telnet = new Net::Telnet ( Timeout=>60, Errmode=>'die');







$telnet->print('vol >> C:\result.txt');


$telnet->cmd("mkdir vol");

$telnet->print('mkdir vol234');

$telnet->cmd("mkdir vol1");

$telnet->waitfor('/\$ $/i'); 


print $output;

But while running i'm getting following errors

C:\>perl -c E:\test\net.pl

E:\test\net.pl syntax OK

C:\>perl E:\test\net.pl

command timed-out at E:\test\net.pl line 13


Help me in this regard. I'm new to Perl.

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I'm not sure about that Net::Telnet, but using '/:/' (with quotes) I guess is the problem. I.e. /:/ (within slashes) - that's regular expression, but with quotes that's simply string which should appear on terminal (i.e. it waits for string '/:/' - slash, two dots, slash).

To debug such programs (if Net::Telnet doesn't echo interaction with remote system) you can simply put: print "I'm waiting for login...\n" at lines before waitfor()

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Why aren't you using Net::Telnet's login method to log-in? When you're at such a low level, you have to handle all of the details yourself. If you look in the source for that method, you'll see it doing quite a bit of work, including a kludge to get around a login bug on Linux.

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