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I have a pdf which contains 'UniCNS-UCS2-H' font, I tried both pdfbox and pdfrenderer, they all throw exception: Unknown encoding for 'UniCNS-UCS2-H'

and this font was included in a font file :mingliu.ttc(it's a true type collection file, I don't know does this matter ?

what can I do to let these two libraries support additional fonts ?

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i never used pdfbox , but adding new font is easy with iText – sreejith Mar 30 '10 at 13:46
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The encoding for a font in PDF documents is specified in the font dictionary object. The font you are encountering is encoded using 'UniCNS-UCS2-H', which as far as I can tell is a variant of Chinese encoding.

PDFBox only supports 4 encodings:

  1. PDFDocEncoding
  2. MacRomanEncoding
  3. StandardEncoding
  4. WinAnsiEncoding

These are defined in the font dictionary object inside the pdf stream
(e.g. .../Encoding/WinAnsiEncoding/...)

When PDFBox encounters an unknown encoding, the exception you reported is shown.

For more information about fonts in PDF documents, see section 9.5 through 9.8 of the PDF Specification

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