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I am getting this blue bar on the top of the default keyboard when emojis are shown. I have no idea where it is coming from and can't get rid of it! I do not have any custom code on the keyboard. I am simply showing the keyboard when a UITextField is tapped.

Some more info:

  1. All settings on keyboard are set to default.

  2. There are no UIView elements with that color on the view controller.

  3. No accessory is added to the keyboard.

  4. This only happens on the emoji keyboard. Possibly because it is the only with the page indicator.

Thanks for checking the issue out!

Screenshot of keyboard

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Did you try restarting Xcode? Xcode act weird sometimes for no reason.. –  Ty_ Aug 21 at 23:52
@Ty_ Restarting did not help. Also, this is happening on the actual device (not the simulator). –  jhk Aug 22 at 0:34
Is this a custom keyboard? –  Ty_ Aug 22 at 6:57
@Ty_ it is the default keyboard. Using iOS 7. –  jhk Aug 22 at 22:38
Try delete and running the app again in you device. Its not your fault its, probably an xcode bug –  Ty_ Aug 22 at 22:41

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I finally found the answer! I forgot that I had changed the UIPageControl's color globally for a UITabBarController. I had no idea that would affect the default keyboard's UIPageControl's color.

The code that was the culprit:

UIPageControl *pageControl = [UIPageControl appearance];
pageControl.pageIndicatorTintColor = [UIColor lightGrayColor];
pageControl.currentPageIndicatorTintColor = [UIColor blackColor];
pageControl.backgroundColor = [UIColor blueColor];
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You can scope your use of the UIAppearance proxy by using apperanceWhenContainedIn:. –  Zev Eisenberg Sep 4 at 4:00

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