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So my list looks something like this:

    <li class="page item">Parent 1
        <li class="page item">Child of Parent 1 and Parent of Grandchild
            <li class="page item">Grandchild</li>

This is through Wordpress' list_wp_pages along with a custom CSS suckerfish-like dropdown CSS code. Nothing can be changed in the unordered list itself, so I need to find a way to add a CSS style to only child pages that are also parents (Child of a Parent 1...).

I've been trying to add an arrow icon only to child pages that have child pages of their own. I figured that I could use:


to add an extra class with an arrow icon as a background image.


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$("#target li").each(function() {
    if ( $("ul:eq(0)", this).length > 0 ) {

Checks every list item under #target to see if it has at least one child unordered list, and if it does, then it adds a class name to the list item it just checked.

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