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I've been searching for a few hours, trying with so many different solutions but anything works for me.

I'm building my own text editor in jQuery, but now I'm facing a problem:

I have this code right now:

function bbcode() {

    var div = document.querySelector('textarea');
    var start = div.selectionStart;
    var finish = div.selectionEnd;
    var text = div.value.substring(start, finish);
    div.value('[b]' + text + '[/b]');


And this too:

$('#bold').click(function(evt) { bbcode(); }); 

#bold is a button and I want that when I click, it adds me the first part of the bbcode ([b]), the text I've already selected and the last part of the bbcode.

But it doesn't work for me. Where's the problem?

Thanks for reading and helping.

PD: I hope I have explained well.


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You are assigning it wrongly. value is not a function which accepts parameter. It is instead a property which can be assigned to.

div.value = '[b]' + text + '[/b]'; // setter


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Yes, that's right. What a mistake! hahaha. I was mixing it with jQuery. – Jase Aug 22 '14 at 2:09
yeah.. it happens.. – Amit Joki Aug 22 '14 at 2:12

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